Bring back goSupermodel

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for following us on social media!
We hope you have had as much fun and excitement as we have!
Now, to answer the question that has been on everyone's mind; will goSupermodel come back? The answer is YES - with your help.

We found the most recent code for goSupermodel, but we will require some funding to cover our initial costs for servers, and getting it to a state where it can come back.
You can help with that by clicking this image ->
Of course, being available again is only half of what is going to make goSupermodel so amazing.

The other half is you.

We need a solid and engaged community to join and participate in creating all the brand new goSupermodel memories that awaits you.
So tell your friends! We can do this together! <3

Lots of love,
The Momio- and goSupermodel Team


I am new to goSupermodel. What is it about?
goSupermodel is an online community mainly for girls where you can express yourself through an anonymous online persona, and develop your creativity and network.
Meet new friends, join clubs, dress up your avatar and socialize in the forums. We are looking forward to getting to know you!
Why are you asking for money?
The fact is that this will not be free for us to do.
We will have to allocate time and resources to launch and maintain goSupermodel, and we will have additional direct recurring costs every month.
What do you need money for, besides servers?
We need paid staff to manage the main server. This includes not only moderation, but also engaging with the community, campaign and content work, translations and controlling users with special roles and privileges.
We also have to make significant changes to the goSupermodel code to make it work properly; for example the tutorial, the payment page and account verification (who uses MSN these days?! :D) has to be done more or less from scratch
Finally, we would like to implement some of the improvements we have made and use for Momio, in order to make goSupermodel safer and cheaper to maintain than before.
Will I be able to use goSupermodel even if I don't pay?
Yes - If we reach our goals, you will be able to sign up and use goSupermodel for free.
You will miss out on some extremely exclusive items from the funding campaign, though. ;)
Will I be allowed on goSupermodel if I'm over 18?
Yes you will! Everyone is welcome - as long as they are on their best behavior, of course. We recognize that bringing goSupermodel back is indeed only possible thanks to the people in this age-group, and we don’t want to exclude anyone.
Will there be one server only, or one for each language as before?
The current plan is to have only one main server.
We might explore options to change site language and language specific forums on account basis, though, if resources allow it.
Will the page be changed significantly for launch?
No, aside from a few exceptions, it will be exactly as it was in 2016. A true vintage gem.
Will you have trading cards again?
Maybe - If we reach more money than we asked for, we will look into this, but no decisions have been made in this regard yet. :)
Do you still have the old games like Backstage Rush?
Unfortunately no. :(
The technology used to run these games, decor, and the designer tool is no longer supported by any browsers (since 2016-17).
Fortunately the new versions of the shops and wardrobe did not rely on this, and will work! Same for Sketchmo and magazines!
We do have the graphics from the old games and features, so we may have them re-created using supported technology at some point.
I'm a guy, or I don't identify myself as a girl - will I be able to choose a male or androgynous avatar?
We are currently only able to offer the female avatar, as it would be a massive undertaking to implement additional genders, as well as clothes that "fit" them. Please do not hold it against us - you are still very welcome on the site. :)
What if you exceed your campaign targets? Will there be any stretch goals?
If we exceed our target we add more features and functionalities such as local language forums, remakes of the old games and features that are currently not working, as well as new games and general improvements to the mobile experience.
What happens if you don't reach the target? Where does the money go?
Given the incredible feedback we have received, we consider this very unlikely.
However if it should come to pass, all backers will have their contributions returned, and the goSupermodel code will be put away again - perhaps for good.
How will I receive the prizes from backing the crowdfunding campaign?
Once goSupermodel is relaunched, you will receive a goCode which will contain all the perks you purchased, that you can use to cash in the rewards on your account.
The goCode will be sent to the email you used when purchasing the perk.
Will there be an iOS or Android app?
goSupermodel has been designed to run in a browser. We will work on optimizing its UI for the best possible experience on mobile devices, but we currently are not planning to create an app.
Will I be able to log into my old goSupermodel account?
Unfortunately it won’t be possible, as all data has been erased. Everyone has to create a new model.
When will goSupermodel return?
If we reach the target, goSupermodel is set to re-release in December. Please note that this is an estimate - production delays could happen.
We will notify all our backers once we get closer to the exact release date.